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The Marion County Department of Public Health partners with state and local public health, policymakers, health care providers, businesses and many others to fulfill our mission of promoting and protecting the health of Iowans.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Provide health guidance and enforcement for our citizens to have the opportunity to make informed choices regarding their health and wellness, strive for a clean and safe environment, and the assistance to access needed health related services.

Our Mission

Marion County Public Health Department Prevents Disease through Health Promotion and Protection using Assessment, Policy Development and Assurance.

Core Values












Strength Based Approach




Invested in Education

Public Health Staff

Kim Dorn


641-828-2238 ext.3850

Rachel Garner

Parents as Teachers Coordinator / Assistant Public Health Director

641-828-2238 ext.3845

Ashley Buckalew

Care for Yourself / Receptionist

641-828-2238 ext. 3821

Barb Tate

Home Care Aide


Chelsea Bagby

Tobacco / Parents as Teachers

641-828-2238 ext. 3854

Christina Van Vark

Office Manager / Immunizations

641-828-2238 ext. 3824

Danielle Mason

I-Smile Dental Hygienist

641-828-2238 ext. 3838

Darcy Woodland

Parents As Teachers

641-828-2238 ext. 3843

Del Bennett

First Five / General Assistance

641-828-2238 ext. 3836

Emily Des Planque

Maternal & Child Health

641-828-2238, ext. 3842

Erin Lang

Public Health Nurse

641-828-2238 ext. 3828

Jeremy Carlson

First Five / General Assistance / WIC

641-828-2238 ext. 3832

Judi Van Hulzen

Public Health Nurse

641-828-2238 ext. 3830

Julie Miller

WIC / Maternal & Child Health

641-828-2238, ext. 3831

Keri Emerick

Jasper County Parents as Teachers

641-828-2238 ext. 3845

Lacie Kinney


641-828-2238 ext. 3834

Laura Peterman

Child Care Nurse Consultant

641-828-2238 ext. 3827

Linsey Spoelstra

Financial Coordinator

641-828-2238, ext. 3825

Melissa Woodhouse

I-Smile Coordinator / Dental Hygienist

641-828-2238 ext. 3840

Missy Summers

Medicaid Billing Coordinator

641-828-2238 ext. 3823

Sharon Lyons

Parents as Teachers

641-828-2238, ext. 3844

Stacy Haas

First Five Coordinator / General Assistance

641-828-2238 ext. 3835

Teresa Higginbotham

Public Health Preparedness Planner

641-828-2238 ext. 3855

Teri Kobussen

I-Smile Dental Hygienist

641-828-2238 ext. 3837

Teri Van Kooten

EMS Local Service Area Coordinator

641-828-2238 ext. 3853

Wendy Bingham

Public Health Nurse

641-828-2238, ext. 3829

Environmental Health

Bridget Mohler

Environmental Health Program Coordinator

641-828-2238 ext. 3846

Cameron Kleinschmidt

Environmental Health Assistant

641-828-2238 ext. 3847

Senior Nutrition

Jill Worthington

Senior Nutrition Program Coordinator


Job Opportunities

Mail or drop off the completed application to the Marion County Public Health Department. You can also email the application to publichealth@marioncountyiowa.gov.

If you have any questions, call 641-828-2238 or send an email to publichealth@marioncountyiowa.gov.


Marion County Board of Health

2020 Board Members

Ann Huyser Chair
Ryan Klein Vice Chair
Mark Raymie Member
Lou Ann Wilis Member
Shannon Remington Medical Director

2020 Board of Health Minute & Agendas

03.18.2020 BOH COVID19 Event


Past Board of Health Minutes & Agendas

Past Board of Health Minutes and Agendas are available upon request.

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