COVID-19 Vaccine

The vaccination program for COVID-19 requires a phased approach.  Iowa is currently in PHASE 1A of vaccine distribution, with limited vaccine available.  Marion County will follow the shortage orders as received, and Iowa Infectious Disease Advisory Committee’s recommendations for prioritization populations for Phase 1 administration of COVID-19 vaccine.  The focus for phase 1A:

  • Health care personnel with direct patient contact and who are unable to telework, including those who work inpatient, outpatient, or community settings, who provide services to patients or patient families members, or who handle infectious materials
  • Health care personnel are defined as paid and unpaid persons serving in health care settings who have the potential for direct or indirect exposure to patients or infectious materials
  • Health Care Providers who are employees in Residential Care or Long Term Care facilities, and Skilled nursing facility and Assisted Living residents will receive their vaccinations through a separate program from the public health program. Contracted employees who work in these settings and are not direct employees of the facility are a high priority, and they are eligible and encouraged to receive the vaccine from the public health program and should contact Marion County Public Health Department at for access to an appointment

Those eligible in Phase 1-A will remain eligible as we move through the phases.  Those who choose to wait, and then decide they would like the vaccination in subsequent phases, will be allocated a dose as it becomes available.

Marion County has received limited vaccine and has allocated to the Knoxville and Pella hospitals so they could vaccinate their paid and unpaid staff who provide direct service to patients.  Marion County Public Health Department is currently vaccinating the community-based health providers who live or work in Marion County who provide direct care to patients.    With vaccine shortage orders, MCPHD will consider the full spectrum of staff county wide who have exposure to COVID-19 and prioritize according to those with highest risk of exposure to COVID-19, and the highest risk for complications from COVID-19.  Risk, frequency, immediacy, and duration of exposure will be considered in the prioritization of vaccine usage. Health Care Personnel who meet the above criteria should email to request evaluation for access to an appointment.

Marion County currently has the Moderna vaccine.  There will be no choice in vaccine brand as we roll out vaccinations.  Moderna will require a second vaccination 28 days after the initial vaccination.  Once you have received your first dose, MCPHD will notify you via text message with a link to make an appointment about a week prior to your anticipated second dose.  Do not share your appointment link with others.

Phase 1-B includes other essential workers and people at higher risk of severe COVID-19 illness, including people age 65 and over.  Marion County will not move into Phase 1-B until authorized to do so.  We have no indication of when our orders will change to include those populations in 1-B.  Prioritization will also occur within Phase 1-B.  Please be patient, as we expect it to be several weeks before vaccine is readily available.  Please check back at this page to know when additional populations are approved for vaccinations. 

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